Thursday, October 8, 2009

So new!!

Yes yes I gave in, every artist I know seems to have some sort of Everything online, including a blog why not create something else people can use to stalk me? hahahaha....

well today was a pretty alright day,...finished a project in ceramics (with a 98 I might add), painted for a few hours,
then tried to take picks of this AWESOME orange/yellow poisonous spider my dad found....except I CANT FIND IT! gfdJDFSKJ! I placed it on the side of the wall, but when I was looking through my lens..the dang thing fell and when I looked wasnt there. SoOo that ended that photo session- and is still freakin me out...gosh I hope its not going to bed with me tonight,
here's a photo of the beautiful little monster:

kk thats it for tonight..and Oh Obsessed-yes that Is a good movie, it got me going!! Women are crazy hahahaha...

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