Monday, February 1, 2010

Stop, Drop and Roll

So the other day I did a quick photo shoot downstairs with my friend. This time I figured I'd play around with the photo...not really make it about him, so I practiced collaging with 6 different images...


  1. lol u think so? ..blahjfdhskj grr kk i'll work on that haha tnx Charles,

  2. I think this looks like a album cover, and I really like your photography.
    It's startling and intense.

    Aha, this is kind of weird, sorry bout being an unknown person and such.

  3. Hello Grace! haha yes you did come out of nowhere, may I ask how you found me?
    Thank you very much though,
    hey btw..i like ur latest blog about 'the real me'...u said a LOT that Many grls our age would Never have the guts to admit

  4. Oh, I saw your comment on Charles' (Charles', Charles's?) blog, and your profile picture was intriguing, so I clicked.
    And thank you. ^.^