Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hudson Slop

Today was one of the most Georgious days we've ever had..and what better to do than walk on the new Hudson River Bridge?
...until I came across the waste our city was pumping into our rusted colored river.


  1. Pretty interesting angle. Kind of boring overall though. No focal point and the diagonal line created between the two main spaces really splits the picture in two, hurting your composition.

  2. hey if you haven't already, check out edward burtynsky. he is a canadian artist that focuses on these such things. make sure to look at his nickel tailing shots from alberta....blew my mind.

  3. Charles, I spoke with you on aim-thanks for your critiques always
    and Stefan-WOW. I just looked at some of his work-incredible. Many of his Tailing shots look like the earth is bleeding. Thank you for referring him to me, I like his work a lot