Monday, June 21, 2010

Main Street

My high school graduation is this Saturday already-WOW. I feel like I missed a chunk of school; everyone was right..I don't know where the time went:(
Anyways, so once again after looking at Dmitri Kasterine, I decided to go out and find more people to photograph. So that's just what I did with my friend Kathy.
Here are some examples of the people I met the other day...

This woman was the sweetest Spanish lady. She was so full of life and very welcoming to speak with us and photograph her.

This is me interrupting my Nonno during his hard day of work.

This lady was not ready when for me to take this shot..but for some reason I like its awkwardness. Believe it or not she was Very intimidating at first; however, the second she opened up, I realized she was by far one of the most interesting women I have met in my few years of photographing. A very sneaky and energetic soul.

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  1. What on earth do you want to go to an art school for except to have a good time? You will learn anything you want to learn by taking more photographs. I think these are tip top, A!, first rate.