Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gloomy Day

These past few days have been a break from the sun. The weather is near perfect.

Yesterday I went down to my Nonna's house again, and there isn't much that compares to a walk alone in her neighborhood. It's lonely, but gives me a certain feeling I can't seem to find anywhere else..And no matter how many times you walk the same path, you can always find something new about the environment.

I also forgot to mention about July 4th!:) I went to a flee market and bought two Old film cameras for $4 each!- One of them is a 96 year old Kodak Pocket Brownie, the other is a Mamiya EE Merit that takes color film...yet I cant seem to fix the shutter:/ I need a minuscule screwdriver:( The Kodak though seems to be in working order (so far)..so I bought a replacement film after doing some research and I will be testing that out very soon! But now I want an actual working colored 35mm camera-so I'm currently investing in a Pentax ME Super. It should come in handy one day anyways!

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