Monday, November 8, 2010

Pentax K-1000

Finals are almost here. Thanksgiving is just around the corner too, and so is winter, and much coming up at once.

I do hate how it is getting colder, but one plus is that I found a local thrift store, and guess what! I found a beautiful Pentax K-1000 for $13, still in working order! SO of course, I purchased it:) Now I have my pentax MX, my pentax k-1000, my 96 year old kodak brownie (which I have yet to use), and my Canon Rebel XTi.

You know what, I think I will mention a few things about what I am learning outside of art too. I need to start dedicating this blog to the photographer more, not just the photography:

I am starting to see a pattern in people that I meet. So many people are the same. The way they act and think. They all care too much about how others will perceive them. We all fall guilty of this. And college life is so tempting to do bad, but no student see it.
Besides all of that, this generation is too easily persuaded and influenced by the media (as I always say). We all need to try a little harder to do better and learn more about our system, this way we won't be a victim of their evil scheme...but I'm afraid by the time we all realize that, it will be too late:/
I am also starting to open my eyes to the way my Aunty Pia sees, about the corruption of our food and drug industry. Its not even about politics anymore, both sides are evil. Government is run by the pharmaceutical company, big businesses (like Walmart-the biggest industry in the world), etc, not 'by the people'.
I have also been learning more about the Bible and God. Religion never seems to make sense at first, everything is just 'too good to be true', but the more and more you learn, the more sense it starts to make. Its a whole new way of life, inside and out. And thats not a bad thing either. If you do it the right way, you will not be brainwashed, but inspired and enlightened. I hope one day I will reach that point.

Well, I should be receiving film in the mail soon. Gosh I hate waiting 2 weeks for one roll of film, but its cheap.

Boy do I miss New York...


  1. You are a smart girl, Nina. It's good to see your growth as a person as well as a photographer. Keep pushing forward!

  2. Charles you always know what to say to keep my spirits up, thank you. I hope you're hanging in there too!:)