Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summers work never ends

Yes everybody it is SUMMER!!! SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! You do not know how long I have waited for these days, and I love them, Oh how I love summer.

However, I have been just about as busy as I was at MICA. Left and right God has answered my prayers and gave me multiple jobs to work with. I just got done photographing a communion party, finishing Coco's Restaurant in Hyde Park, photographed (and still need to finish editing/printing) the whole FDR crew team, and now have 3 more websites I need to complete this summer, plus a photo shoot for a healthy living book tomorrow, and on top of that, my job at the illustration agency! Things are very hectic around here, though I am super glad to see my friends and family and animals and Home again. I just hope I don't overwhelm myself this summer with all of these projects here and there.

So as of right now, I do not have photos to update (because I have not gotten around to editing my own work yet). I think this summer will be more job experiences than independent ones through my photography-but both will help me in the real world!

As far as college, I have been stressing about school for Months upon Months now. I think I am realizing that MICA is just not the right fit for me, or for my photography. And I have applied to multiple schools in the city and others in a few other states, however none seem to match my budget or my expectations. The more I look into Andrews University in Michigan, the more I feel it could actually work out for me there. Though I would be giving up warmth and adding a longer distance away from home, I much more prefer the atmosphere of the college, the students there, and the fact that they are more oriented in getting you a job out of school. Lets just hope the desolate area and distance and snow does not kill me.

Anyways, please feel free to check out Coco's new website that I have finished!:) Let me know what you think and what you believe could be done better-any comments are appreciated!

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