Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is impossible

This is impossible. Time after time after time after time I have tried to upload my photos so that I can update my blog-though the internet here basically does not allow for it! The signal strength is far too weak (to the point where blogspot is now having trouble saving this post as a draft because of the poor wifi quality).

Though I prefer to talk to you about my week with photos to show for it, just text will have to do for now.

Yesterday was Sao-Tome's Independence Day from the Portugees-36 years of independence on July 12, 2011! It is hard to believe it was such a short time ago when slavery still existed, if not in America, in other countries. Sadly, it probably still is happening somewhere in the world today, such as the sex slave industry in my own home state. Ugh. Thankfully some people get a happy ending, and yesterday there was much celebration. The stores were closed down and the streets were empty because everyone was at the independence day celebration by the shore. It started the night before with a loud concert and fireworks once it hit midnight. Then during the day yesterday there was a little parade with hundreds of military men dressed up in their uniforms, and once that was over with, tiny groups formed around people dancing. I have many videos to show you, however that will have to be put on here a little later:/
Last night there still was a concert going on, so my roommate and I went down to go see it, and thank God for helping us and keeping us safe-with my camera, we were aloud to get up to the Very front and center stage to photograph the entertainment and the crowd. We did not stay for long though- we were attracting a crowd behind us because we stood out like a soar thumb (white girls). But for the time we were there, I am proud of the photos I got.

Today we are heading over to a chocolate factory in Sao-Tome at 4pm! Did I tell you before that Sao-Tome is known for their coco plant? Its were most countries get their coco from! Very cool huh? We saw many coco plants growing in the trees too-they (and coconuts and bananas) are all over the place here!

However, also today, and the remainder of the week, people have been feeling sick. It is like every day someone new has something wrong with them. Last week I was basically chained to the bathroom because I felt like crap, and this week we have students with stomach problems, aching, headaches, and more. We are all just hoping that its not malaria-since malaria has all of those symptoms, but so does a minor cold too-so who knows.

Wish us luck!:)

Matthew 7:13-"Do not follow the crowd, the road leading to destruction is wide and easy, and may are on it. The gate is small and the road is narrow that leads to life, and only a few look for it and find it"

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