Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Recess

It is about that time already! Fall break!
I have a sliver of time to upload some of my recent work from Advanced Studio now. Right after I'm going to continue editing and printing and then my family is coming up!!!!:) The weather is gorgeous outside now and I am so ready to relax and enjoy the warmth while we still can.

Here is a photoshoot I did just a few days ago of my friend Gifty and Jevoni:

(I just think the Golden Hour sun is so pretty)

These are two photoshoots with my friend Winnie:

This is my first time photographing a still life in the studio! This assignment was where we were teamed up with a designer on campus and photograph for advertisements of an exotic icecream (we were assigned avocado icecream).

In my web design class, we just finished redesigning a website for a pretend client 'ABC TYPOGRAPHY'.
Click here if you want to visit the actual website (NOTE: only Home, About, 20th Century and Arial pages work).
Here are the screen shots below:

AND LASTLY We are currently working on creating word marks, like this designer has done here:

Well guys, that is it for now! Thank God again that I am here. I love it here. So much! God is Great:)
God Bless!

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