Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feelin so confused!

Ah how music makes me feel so much, I get so moved, mad, angry, happy, excited, thrilled, all from music. Even though its not that 'beautiful majestic symphony piano music'...more of the 'hard core ruthless rap', but still I love it and I wouldn't trade it for any other kind.

So the other day I thought it was kind of interesting to see how I always make a mess when I brush my teeth...and it got me thinking, you know those photos you see of like 9 people- each separate photos of their hair, or belly button? I feel like many people have those kinds of photos so I was wondering, why not do a sequence of people brushing their teeth? I mean, we all make some kind of white bubbly mess drooling down our chins as if we were rabid and it always forms a different shape or slightly different texture (different color toothpaste, more water/drool than toothpaste, maybe even more bubbles and foam:D )

....soOo I took a few photos of my Nonna (who is always so kind enough as to let me photograph her doing anything) and I just found these two rather funny:

Anyways, tomorrow will be an all day photography day for me. Hopefully going to areas where there's people and interesting old buildings....idk something more with city I like the idea of that.

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