Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So I've been looking at These Street Photographers ( ) lately that I found off, and wow WOW Woah i Love their work! I really like how It feels so professional looking and photo journalistic. I love the way they treat their black and white images and how each image seems to have a person somewhere, either blended in and hidden with its surroundings or whatever the case may be..
so me being me, when I want it, I need it (haha I sound so spoiled, but no that's not the case). I went down town today with my sister again to take some more photos...the first like 200, well they sucked, maybe because I wasn't comfortable in the area I was in...but once I got somewhere I knew better, the train station, I took off!! Here are My versions of their way of photographing:

Oh wow yes its after 1am lmfao, I gotta get some sleep and stop editing! Night.

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