Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MICA!! Classes have Started

So I dont have too much time to write because I already have homework after the 2nd day of school lol.
I arrived at MICA on Thursday-such a sad and stressful day for most of us, deff me too. I wasn't expecting that from myself.
Orientation felt like forever just because the days were soo long-except it was more like 4 days of party on the campus ground, safe partying though.
Yesterday I had Art Matters and Visual Thinking...today my new favorite class-Electronic Media and Culture (EMAC). So everything is slowly going well. I cant wait to explore the area with my camera...but I am waiting until I get a bit more settled in and comfortable with classes before I get wrapped up in my photography over the homework.
I will have more photos for you within the next few weeks I hope!:)

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