Sunday, December 12, 2010

Final Project-Elements of Visual Thinking

So for Elements, we got to basically make up our final project as long as it went with a previous project.

I decided to work with the previous project of 'framing' and go from there.

What I ended up doing was creating necklaces. Why you might ask? Well, a necklace usually has personal value and are normally worn for attention. I have realized how segregated (as I mentioned before) Baltimore is between the 'ghetto' areas and the 'good' areas...and I feel as though most of the people on both sides never interact with the other. So I wanted to make something that framed portraits of people on the 'other side' (aka the 'ghetto folks') in a beautiful light; One that allowed them to finally be respected and encountered, even if it is not actually in person.
A photograph says a thousand words, and clearly brings out one's personality in a simple portrait. So below are three different types of necklaces I have created for this project in hopes to be soon giving them out to random strangers, explaining to them the significance of each and every one.

Oh, and wana know the funny part of these photos too? They were all taken in the bathroom of my dorm, LOL. Lucky for me we have a plain wall:)

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