Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back from Italy

My family has mostly all gone to Italy for the past 3 weeks, and they just came back this week. So this was the first time I got to try out my BRAND NEW CANON 5D MARK II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YES!!!!!!! I GOT IT!!!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

I'm not sure you understand....I gave up my 3 year old Canon Rebel XTi 10Mp for MY BRAND NEW CANON 5D MARK II 21 MP HD VIDEO FULLL FRAMEEEE CAMERA!!!!!!!!
I just purchased a Tamron VC 28-300mm Lens (THE BEST IVE EVER HAD YET)
AND a 16GB SanDisk CF card with a write speed up to 60mb/s.

Now I know the camera doesn't make the image or the photograph (litterally it does), but its the man/photographer BEHIND the camera that does the magic...just like a painter and his paintbrush.

Anyways, I'm just super excited....except now I'm in a bit of debt to my parents but hey, all is well:)

Back to what I was saying...I've been introduced to a photographer named Eugene Richards, and I'm reallly starting to like his Raw style. I'm hoping someday I can get my style to mimik his in certain photos..

In the mean time, for reasons unknown, I'm actually really proud of some of these images....

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  1. ITALY?! I'm super jealous :P You have some really nice shots in action here! I hope you have a good semester!