Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Matrix

Whatever reality is....

This weekend I took my boyfriend and I up to photograph, and ended up having a really great conversation with a few people that I have previously met there. The first few words coming out of this one veterans mouth I couldn't believe. He knew more than me with the topics of whos actually running this society, and whos got control over everything! I always claim it must be the government, and to a huge extent it is, I mean they are the reasons for why nothing gets fixed, but we are to blame as well. We just sit here and do nothing about it. However, its not just the government in control, its group of the high end CEO's that run the joint! We are only puppets of society.
Watch Lord or War, or even The Matrix, and open your eyes.

Speaking of the Matrix, you know what gets me most upset? We can accept the movie the Matrix, and praise it with all our hearts. We can dream about it and fantasize about its possible reality around us.
However, when you mention the name Jesus, no one will accept him! They are soo quick to deny him, and careful to not be caught fantasizing about him either.

But why? The matrix was a very successful movie, no critique would deny that (I hope)... but did you not see the symbolism of that movie in relation to the bible? Think of Jesus and Mr.Anderson....Both were innocent, killed and came back to life.
Do you know that there is only One person in the whole world that has ever accomplished that? That man's name is Jesus. And look at that! The hero-Mr.Anderson, came to save his people from the evils of the world! And to take them out of their oblivious state, because they are blinded by the 'evil one's plan..
But that is the SAME thing Jesus came to do! To lead us to the light and set us free from our sins, of all the wrong, of the evil, and to teach us right and to save us from satan...from ourselves.

Why must Christianity keep on getting distorted? Why is it scaring so many good people away? It shouldn't if we followed Jesus correctly (which no1 does including myself:/ ). The truth is in the bible! Nowhere else; not from anyone else, not found anywhere else...Not in yoga, not in science, not in philosophy, but in God. Yes of course every belief is amazing for their own reasons, and help many others with the truths they obtain...but NONE have the truth to eternal life.
Besides, anything you are interested in (meditation, science, philosophy, prophecy, poetry, history, morals, parables, you name it), Can be found in the bible!

So Why wont people just open their eyes?:/

Anyways, here is part of the conversation we were having. Excuse my terrible aiming and holding of the camera, it was down at my waste side, I wasn't paying attention to where it was pointing...

And here are some photos from that day...

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