Friday, March 4, 2011

Skin Scapes

I want to do this really quick before Sabbath starts, because I need to go to an intern meeting in a few I won't have the time to chit chat about this and about my week now. But I promise you I have been very busy, and I will be uploading more photos from Baltimore as well as others really soon (I hope!)

This is for an Elements Midterm that we have to work these are my base images, now I need to choose 3 and figure out how to draw/paint/cut/etc on them.

Thanks for modeling Keirstyn!

And these were some fun mockups I had to create for my Web Design class. The project was to make up your own website layout for an artist-I used my sister as the pretend singer:)

Thats all! Happy sabbath (soon) everyone:)


  1. I could've sworn that I commented this ages ago, but these are so beautiful.
    I keep looking at them over and over again and something about it is so peaceful. The idea that these simple images are parts of human body just wows me.

  2. hey really? thank you so much! yeah God made the body pretty incredible huh lol tnx so much Zalex