Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Remains of Baltimore City

Baltimore's Broken homes, Literally. For a photo assignment in my Photo I class at MICA, we get to design a book on We could either use our previous work to create a portfolio book, or design photos purely for our book.
I saw another book made in previous years from a photographer named Eric about Hair, and I very much loved it. I wanted to approach my photos like he did with his.

However, my concept is totally different from his. The violence, drugs, and damages of Baltimore are becoming too great to disregard any longer, so I felt that it was time we expose ourselves to the reality of the lives of the victims in this tragic city.

I thought the most appropriate way to approach this situation (without stereotyping or offending any individual) would be to visit the burnt down homes of the victims and find what remains of their belongings.

I have 14 photos as a result of this series, but I'm only showing you three. If you want to see the rest, you'll have to purchase it online!:


  1. I would love love to see the rest! Did you photograph them where you found them, or did you take them and put them in your own controlled setting? (my assumption would be the second one)

  2. These pic look like they're right out of a third world country. Unbelievable. the picture of the cat is really very disturbing. the person(s) who did that should have their hands chopped off.

  3. really?? thank you so much! i will have the link to my book soon
    no actually I brought them all back in a bag (the bag smelled SO BAD in my room-whoops) and i set up my own little light stand with assitate and plexiglass and a lightbulb underneith it. and placed the items ontop, and there you go. its a fun way to photograph tiny objects-especially those that are translucent. you should try it!

    What do you mean by third world country aunt giovanna? and hgfdghd lets not go too far, but I do agree that its sickening.:(