Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Did I tell you I was thinking about transferring? I still have not a clue what I am doing next year, and that is kind of a problem in my eyes. Its a long story, and I can't decided if I'm just blind or if I'm right.

Anyways, last week I took Wed-Sunday off to head up to Michigan and check out a college my boyfriend was interested in. Thankfully I only missed one class, and as of today, all of my missed work is fully completed:) But anyways, the school was absolutely gorgeous, and the people were So friendly (seeing as how it is a Seventh Day Adventist School-it is expected), and more conservative than MICA (a plus for me). But what really took me back was the fact that their photography program (something that is still relatively new in their school) had better facilities than MICA's!? How is that possible? The downside to that school is A. it is not an 'all art school' (well...I guess that can be good and bad), B. it is in the middle of nowhere- AKA Farm land central, and C. it is FAR and snows a heck of a lot more (I hate snow). Is it worth giving it a try? or is that a stupid mistake that will result in me 'wasting' a year away?

OH!!! AND GUESS WHAT....YEP. I haven't told like, almost anyone about this. THIS SUMMER I AM GOING TO AFRICA! I am going through MICA to Sao-Tome Principales, an island off of Africa-probably one of the safest too! OOOO This is going to be a LOT of work just to go, but I GET TO GO TO AFRICA!!!! For a month too! I am so so so scared but I am super excited too:)

Ok so back to what I was saying, I took some shots of Michigan, so you can check them out below.

This year has just been a really tough year for me...

This is on the way back from NY on the train.

(Love the random dog in this shot!! ^)

And here are just some old photos I decided to re-edit....

That's all for now. I will be updating my website by the end of the semester- a while new layout!!! After 2 years!:)
Wish me luck and God bless.


  1. I would be really careful about going to a school in the middle of nowhere. I did that last year and hated it so much. Even if MICA may not have facilities as good as the other school, location is key. It's in a city and there are more opportunities going to school and living in any city.

  2. Why did you hate the area so much? was there really nothing to do/photograph there? do you think it would have been better with a good group of friends?
    where did you go?

  3. Fredonia, New York. 50 miles south of Buffalo. There was nothing to do period. Literally the most exciting thing to do was go to walmart ...and i hate walmart. I was just at walmart in Fishkill the other day and just wanted to get out haha. It's just really boring even if you do have friends. Theres nothing to do, nothing to eat past 9pm and there's no opportunities. No matter what city you're in theres always more chances for internships, jobs and just meeting people to make connections with especially in the arts. Out in the middle of nowhere it's a lot harder.

  4. wow..... so i looked up Fredonia and that is in the middle of nowhere. In Ferdonia the closest big city is (which isn't really a big city)Buffalo which is 52 mins away. This place in Michigan has Chicago within an hour and 30 mins and has Detroit like 2 or 3 hours away (not to mention some other smaller towns....and at least sum stores). Wow that mus have been pretty frustrating going to school out there with nothing around :/.

  5. LOL wow! Zalex I thought I heard of fredonia too! hmm..and I thought it was a good school? So you are the kind of person who needs to be up and out to have a good time?

    but I hear your pain, I might just have to find out for my self the hard way girl but tank you for telling me. where are you now?

  6. It is a good school for music ed but thats about it. Its really not that great of a school for anything else, especially Visual Arts. And yeah, Buffalo is a 50 minute drive from Fredonia, not that there is much there anyway. Right now I'm living at home and commuting to SUNY Purchase which is going great. Even though its a state school it has a very strong art program and conservatories, although I'm doing arts management. (I'd like to go for a visual arts minor though). I love it and I'm happy where I am now, even though I'm not in the city I still go once every few weeks. I've also been able to do a lot of traveling now that I'm back home. Just got back from Vegas two days ago and hell did I love it!

  7. There's something really intriguing about the small shed overlooking the lake. The colors and the lighting just seem really balanced. The Indoor Pool shot also seems mystifying somehow, as if there's something more that remains unseen.