Thursday, April 14, 2011

Got to photograph for a good 2 hrs today!:)

Not so sure how I feel about these portrait photos, I've been looking at Zoe Strauss's book called 'America' lately. Sometimes I really like them, other times Im not so sure they are as magnificent as I think they are
...but they are definitely interesting.

But for some reason I reallly like the black and white photos (especially the middle photo)...

Thats all for now, sorry, not much to say today but today was a great day! SO Warm! My family will be coming down this weekend...sadly my aunt wont be able to go-shes not feeling well:/ I pray she gets better.
Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. I love the top portraits especially--you have such a knack for finding interesting people to photograph. Is it easy for you to ask if you can take someone's picture? (I always have trouble with that.)

    Also, I'd love to see how the woman-on-the-bench photo looks in black and white. Might look quite cool, I don't know.

  2. Well some of them are really welcoming and come up to me saying 'Ay take my photo!'
    Others (most), I just walk up to and say something like 'hey mam/sir, do you mind if I photograph you? I'm from MICA right down the block, and I think you have such ....(fill in why you like them or what you particularly love about them-such as their vivid red hair, or their character/personality, etc), and I would love to photograph you. I'm only trying to get some shots for my portfolio, I'm not apart of the police or anything' -(and then I show them my MICA id).
    I always need to reassure them that I am not apart of any undercover thing-and after I say its for school, they normally let me do it.

    yeah I was trying it out in black and white too...but I felt like b&w didn't work with the grass in the background (too happy?) idk, but you know what I'll go back and try it again. thank you!

  3. The third one of the the women is interesting. This photos and some others of people on the street or in the park outside reminds me a bit of Robert Frank's work.

  4. And I find it interesting that you actually say that you are not apart of the police and show them your ID. I feel like in New York people are either just like "FUCK OFF!" or "sure!"

  5. And I agree, I'd love to see the woman on the bench in black and white too.

  6. Thsnkd Zalex! I just photographed today and the majority of the responses were 'N-O' or 'YEAH COME HERE' lol! Just be cafeful and keep peperspray around your neck (I can show you where you can buy $6 pepper spray disguise pen on ebay if you'd like)