Monday, April 25, 2011


This time I come to you with much to show! Not sure which I should edit out yet, so I will post the majority up.

There are only 2 weeks left of school. I've got to say, I am slightly bummed (because I feel guilty) but I am so so excited and happy. I hope I stay having time for my photography, whatever it is...I think it might actually be possible to mix photography and friends life too:) Just gotta try you know?
I still do not know where I am going to go for next year, but I do know that as long as the credits will transfer, I have MICA's official O-K that they will keep my scholarship saved for me for if I come back:) Yeah man-back up!

Anyways, these are mainly all a series of work that I am doing for my Digital Photo II class. They are all abstract parts of the body and skin. I photographed a few people, both male and female, black and white-but honestly, I feel like I can barely tell the difference of who is who!
These photos were/are definitely a struggle for me to photograph and work with because I really don't know what I am doing or what they should look like. Though I wanted to try it anyways just to see what they would come out like. Not sure how successful or interesting they are yet, its still to soon to tell. But let me know what you think!

The body is amazing isn't it?


Colar Bone



Shoulder blades




My friend Jesse who came down to visit with Tim this past weekend

And here is my baby Alessia!!!:))
...ok so technically shes my Aunts baby, but shes secretly mine too;)

BTW: I am currently working on my new html site so that everyone with and without flash can finally view it:) It'll be done and up in 2 weeks:D


  1. i think the collar bone picture is so beautiful. it stands on its own as either a photograph or as an obscure form of expressionistic painting. too cool dude! :)

  2. hey Sam thank you so much:) I find that really interesting that you pointed that one out above all of the rest

  3. I would have to say that the ribs and the foot are my favorite because the ribs to me look like fabric and what is skin but the clothing for our bodies and also both skin and clothing can lead to discrimination. Also i liked the foot because the veins reminds me of rivers and blood vessels have the same function as rivers in our body. I didn't rly like the collar bone too much there doesnt seem to be much of a focus in the picture keep it up Nina

  4. When I saw the top half of the first one before I scrolled down I actually thought it was a photo of bones. Like an xray. These are amazing. You have quite a talent for capturing the small part of the large picture. I love them all so so much :)

  5. haha! hey tim thank you babe
    And Zalex thats so cool! hey thank you so much! how have u been doing?? ready for summer?:D

  6. Oh you know it. I feel like this was the longest winter ever. Thinking about doing a 107 days of summer photo project since I failed at my 365. You should post on flickr more! (or maybe you do and I am just missing it?)

  7. I thought it was interesting you weren't sure if they came out how they were supposed to look. My take on that is they're supposed to come out how you want them to come out. Without regard to how someone else does it or thinks is the "correct" way to do it. FWIW

  8. zalx ex ur right I should, but I guess i kinda stopped with flicker-which I should just stop all together then-because I wasn't getting enough publicit and my account is running out of space.

    Dave, your right. everyne tells me that but I never seem to learn that yet, thank you