Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hello Everybody! I've got some big news:) I'm getting BAPTIZED this saturday! Yes Yes Yes! I feel like its about time, it might even be a tad overdue, but this is at least when I felt God was calling me to do it. I have already made up in my mind countless times that I want to take this to the grave - though saying it is one thing, doing so is another. And I feel like I've been putting God aside the past few days being so busy, though He has still has really stayed loyal to me. I want to do my best to be loyal to Him as well and make Him happy, and I really hope this is His purpose for giving me the talent I have in photography. I don't want to do anything with it anymore that is going to brutally defile His goodness.

...See you guys might read this and think I am crazy, why should I do anything for a being we are not even sure of fully exists, right? Though I have been exposed to so much truth on both sides, and there is more than enough evidence-like Crazy evidence, that has made it clear to people even without technology that Some creator that exists outside of the universe-(though obviously I will not get into any of that now, though if you ever do want to, I would Love to talk and share with you why I believe what I believe). And you might also feel like I am going overboard with this 'religion thing', though honestly I cannot say I am ever always like this in real life. I am constantly failing throughout my day - too many times I act completely opposite of what a christian should act like (after all, we are suppose to be representatives for Christ, and idt i've ever met a single soul that had a problem with the way Christ acted towards others, though I meet many people who have problems with 'christians'-[and that is probably because we are not properly doing our job of representing Christ]).

Though what I am saying is that I am still getting there, and I know it is worth it. Please do not count God out just yet, He is working in peoples lives Daily,
but anyways, yes, baptism is only the start. It is just saying 'ok Jesus, I'm going to take your hand and walk with you along this journey called life. I'm not sure how im going to do this yet, I'm probably going to fall down a million times, trip and cry and not want to get back up too many times, but I know that you know the way, and I trust that you will be there every step of the way, not to do it for me, but to guide me and hold me all the way through it.' And all throughout that walk as long as you keep holding on, you are safe.

Well, I guess apart from that (which now I don't even feel like talking about lol!), I do hope that everyone reading this has had a good week as well :)

So on to the artwork part....
we have just officially finished our CSS Zen Garden layout design project this past weekend, and I got to say I really am happy with the way it turned out. I didn't know what to expect much when I came into it, though I'm glad my teachers gave me the pointers he did because I wouldn't have found this approach if he didn't.

Please check it out!! If the image is not enough, you can see it up and running

Also, Weeks ago I forgot to put in a little exercise we did in web design-and I just liked how it came out, so here are the two examples of the design:

Now the photoshoot we just did last week (almost exactly) I am pretty pleased with. I wanted the model (and what a perfect model it was-thanks Lindsay!) to look like a white african baby. African women are so beautiful. Here are the results we came up with-the profile shot is the one I handed in for class:

Hehe and this was just some fun shots we did in the middle of taking off the wires around her neck:)

The next photoshoot I am planning on doing tomorrow night, and I have been waiting alll week for this one. I think it is either going to be a hit, or a miss. I guess we'll see!

‎"Those who complain of the wrong course of professed Christians are the ones who should show better lives and nobler examples.

If they have so high a conception of what a Christian should be, is not their own sin much greater? For they know what is right, and yet refuse to do it."
-Ellen G. White

Well thats all for now-more next week! Have a great week guys and thanks so much for reading:)

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