Monday, March 5, 2012

Connection Lost

Hello All! Happy Monday!
Things are going very smoothly here. Not much to talk about today.
One more weekend until Spring Break!! Pray for everyone that the roads will be good.

I'm still trying to figure out what my summer is going to be filled with, and so far it seems very busy. I need to take 2 more courses at a local community college, plus intern for 60 hours, work, and do my own side freelance jobs as well as my own creative work. Oh, and to have fun. I am hoping I can break that all down into separate months-My summer starts in the middle of May (Tim [boyfriend] and his family and I are going on a CRUSE Right after school on May 6th!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!) and ends in the middleish of August-so that is 3 months. I'm hoping I can do school/freelance/work in one month, intern in the other, and freelance/work in the last.

Back to school now - I'm really excited for my Final in Advanced Photography. I'm not going to give it away, but basically I was inspired by Christopher Beane and want to see if I can replicate what he did in one of his series. My turn to give it a shot:)

Below is the assignment for this week-exploring different formats:

Connection Lost

Searching for a Sunrise on a Western Coast

Tiny Trinkets of Life Collect Dust

The Ship Trades its Port for the Eye of a Storm

Trying to Communicate in a World of White Noise

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