Monday, June 18, 2012

Summers are tough

This is hard! My teacher told me it would be. I am trying to do something in 2-3 months that would regularly take 2-3 years : Getting my name out there.
So I have been very busy here with my family/friends/jobs at the Children's Illustration Agency. But not as active with photo shoots. However, I did get the privilege to photograph a beautiful couple's prom photography, which you can see below:

I am really inspired to do one photoshoot that I REALLY hope will work out!! I would Love to just Try to do something like what Anne Geddes - the baby photographer, does. After all, I have the chance/time to gather up precious newborns here. So I have posted up the craigslist ad hoping to get a handful of mothers eager to do a once in a lifetime photo shoot with their newborn being photoshopped onto a flower peddel. I am so excited to try this and I pray that it works, but first, we need volunteers!

If you are a mother of a newborn-1 month old and you are in the Dutchess County area, please View the Details Here!

That is all for now guys. OH!!! My boyfriend got the opportunity to preach last Saturday- and Wow. Did he do an Amazing Job. Surely God answered prayers for him to bless people with his words. If you want to listen to an AMAZING sermon (or you just want to hear who my boyfriend is and what he sounds like/speaks like) OR if you just want to be inspired, please
click here:)

Thank you for reading and God Bless you along the rest of your week:)

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