Friday, July 20, 2012

And the Winner is!

And the winner of the Baby Photo Contest was

At Tuesday 11:59pm, the contest ended, leaving Becky's baby with nearly 60 votes.

Congratulations Becky!

AND FINALLY I have released the official website for my friend Emmanuel Ogutu and his music and his moms wonderful new Donation Foundation to help children in need across the world. His music is aw inspiring and God driven, and will be helping to bring in money to help those struggling over seas.

His music will be available this Fall for purchase (and remember, every album he sells, a percentage will be going towards 'The Sister Anne Foundation' to help someone who needs it).

Lastly on the updates, I have found a new talent that I am really enjoying.

Logo designing!
I have been on trying to take a shot for my first time at really doing logo designing. I am currently in the process of learning Illustrator as I go forth with this, though I think things are coming along well (since I already know Photoshop so well, it is easier for me to understand the other adobe programs, to a point).

If this continues, I will be making a new section on my website called 'Logo Designing'.

In the mean time, check out my recent creations for different companies that requested logo designing on

For everyone who has rejected Christianity for all of the atrocities it has been guilty of in the past...

You are too late. Jesus Christ was the greatest critic of False Religion that there Ever was.

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