Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby Photoshoot Contest!

The photos are officially up!

A few weeks ago I advertised all over facebook, through email and via craigslist that I was holding a Baby Photo Contest. It was Anne Geddes babies on flowers that really inspired me to give it a try.
I decided to have some fun with it by making it a photo contest: Whoever receives the most 'likes' on my facebook fan page by July 18th at 11:59pm will be the winner! The winner will receive a free 8"x10" professional quality print. Everyone who does not win will still receive a free web resolution photograph that they can then contact me if they want to order prints.

So my Mom and I (who which I am very grateful for) spent 10 hours Straight last Friday from 10am-8pm setting up, waiting, and photographing the newborns. Then, for the past few days, I have spent a few hours on each individual baby trying to photoshop them as realistically as possible onto the flower that worked best for their pose.
Mind you, this was not even a paid photoshoot either for all of the work I put into this, but hopefully God will allow me to still get some money out of this to help pay for the backdrop stand ($85+) and the flowers I had to photograph prior ($40+).

We ended up getting 4 people who were able and willing to come. To photograph precious newborns and meet new people is a really wonderful thing to be able to do.
I just hope these shots made each mommy smile nice and big:)

Below are the photos.
If you would like to vote for one, please click on 'Vote Now' and press 'like' on the baby of your choice.

Contest Closes July 18th at 11:59pm!

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