Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can I just say GOD IS GOOD

God Helped me SO MUCH today.

This week has been a handful with difficult time taking projects.
Week of Spiritual Emphasis really did help get me back on track with God.
The talk I had with my boyfriend Tim about the snippets of Davids life, and how God helped him in the past...
Looking back on old photos from 2010 and MICA years (where God led me out of Egypt into the Promise Land:] )...
Learning about how INCREDIBLY complicated the body is through just solely learning about the muscles and how they operate, how many need to operate at the same time and what they Do when they operate (each pull in a different direction to achieve different movements and forces), etc.

I'm telling it the truth, there is is NO way that we could have 'evolved' into this magnificent complex organized being. Absolutely No way. It is clear to me that for anyone who believes in the theory of evolution, surely has not studied anatomy at a Graduate level (like my boyfriend is doing now) to understand that it is IMPOSSIBLE for these things to have came about 'over time'. We would have died out as a species if we waited for things to spontaneously mutate enough to form the right combination of EVERYTHING to have made the EXACT new whatever it is that we need (to digest food, to move different muscles and lift heavy objects, to see properly with our eyes AND our brain [the brain does more than you know when it comes to your vision], you name it!). It ALL had to be there at the SAME time.

Absolute Foolishness they teach in schools today. The disadvantage these kids have today when their teachers teach such as the truth....

Anyways...God is awesome. Today I had to complete a mini project for video which was to use our video camera in as many different ways as possible..except mine was not recording anything. Nothing I was doing was allowing it to work and my teacher and I kept playing phone tag. So here I am wasting time trying to get this thing to work and freaking out about other homework I did not complete...when finally my friend came in and helped me greatly. But by that time, the subject matter I was prepared to film was out of my reach, and I was left with nothing to film. And so listen to the friends I have, my one friend stayed to participate in being videotaped as did my boyfriend, even though he has his first 3 tests for graduate school to study for. And the two of them together were entertaining enough coming up with different things for me to film. Thank you God for my friends and my boyfriend's sacrifice to spend time helping me out over helping himself out!!:)

So I finally finished the video assignment...but my other project was no where decent enough to be handed in by tomorrow. I had to create a poster from scratch using color, typography and illustration for my graphic design course. And it was BAD.
BUT PRAISE GOD, I prayed, and each time I prayed, my poster got better and better and my patiences grew (trust me I was really loosing patience)!
Just so you can see the process of how bad it was when I already had spent hours on it to begin with...see how God has helped me:

And this is the final product!

Ok it is DEFF bed time, I am SO tired but I really wanted to write this to you guys tonight. I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for reading this:)

"Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you." - Psalms 9:10

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