Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Epic Behind the Scenes and Finals

Wow where do I start? This has been a very busy last month of school, finals are Now and everything is boiling down to the end. I Thank God for all of my friends here and the success I have had this semester, very very happy about all of that! I am happy I picked up a few new habbits, tea (LOVE IT!!), bike riding (ALSO LOVE IT!) and now knitting:D

I am beginning to love knitting so much that I am starting my own Etsy store called 'Embrace The Lamb'.
Check out the new blog for it to figure out the meaning of it ;D

But seeing as how this blog is about photography, I will save all my knitting talk for my new knitting blog (But seriously, it is super sweet so check it out!!)

SO instead of me talking away about my photography, I will skip to the point where I show it all to you, and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do!

(Before and After)

Do you want to see an Awesome Behind the Scenes Photoshop Editing Videos that were sped up of me creating some of these photos? I LOVE it! I want to do this for most of my future photoshopping projects...SO much fun to watch!

So here is my final series thus far, titled 'The Adventures of a Stray Dog'

And Wow I cannot wait to show you the photos was privileged to take for my friend Zoviel and her new cheesecake business. First of all her cakes were AMAZING. Delicious And beautiful. Secondly, the photos came out GREAT! I will be posting them up soon:)

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