Monday, January 14, 2013



I have spent all month creating a fresh new look for my site, and now
And it looks AWESOME.


I took this winter break to completely change the layout of my website so that the photos were easier to access and view at full screen.  I even learned a handy trick for iphone and ipad devices on rescaling websites and how to fix the flaws that come with it. So yes, it is now released and up and running!  Please do check it out, I really love it, I hope you do too.
Really helps to have a web design background for stuff like this;)

Here are before and after shots of my website(before = right, after = left).

I will be learning much more in web design this semester, seeing as how I am taking 6 credit courses of all intensive advanced web design.  Its not easy, but its got to be learned.

BTW I never showed you guys the photoshoot I did this winter break for my co-workers newborn.  Check out the Christmas/New Years card I shot and created for her:


For many of you, this might not mean anything.  Probably you wont even understand what it means to me, because you don't know the extent of my passion for singing and for this particular group on my campus.
Last year I attended one of my school's wonderful concerts at the Howard (beautiful building) and discovered my love for this ministry choir called Journey.  They gave out free CD's that night, so I was happy to take one.  This summer I fell in love with them!  The quality of their voices, their harmony...I listened to them Everywhere I went and memorized every song on that CD.
Then this school year came around, and my friends saw my passion for singing and encouraged me (pretty much by force) to sign up for our school's Chorale.  So I did, and I LOVE it! It is SO exhilarating to sing with such a mass crowd of beautiful voices.
But I still had my eyes on Journey, until I realized, they were taking auditions!! But I signed up too late last semester to get in.  They said I would possibly have another chance next semester, though my hopes weren't too high, because I knew how many people wanted to get into Journey.

But low and behold, God made a way!!!!  They asked me to audition with them Sunday and GUESS WHAT.  I GOT IN!!!!!!!!
We are singing this Sabbath at Pioneer Memorial Church! I am SO excited and so very honored to have even been asked to audition, let alone sing with them and even better, be a part of their group! God Thank you so much for this opportunity.   It has made my semester:)

You can check their website out here! :

Bad news this semester so far though, my phone is a brick:/ Long story, but it basically is of no use, so I have to purchase a new one, which isn't cheap anymore.  But other than that!  Life is good.  Still knitting, still enjoying my discovery of tea (probably didn't mention that one to you guys before huh?), still singing, still in love with my overwhelmingly helpful boyfriend, and still photographing:)

Care to see my most recent photograph?  It is titled Wade in the Water, an self portrait of the pathway I felt I had to go on to find my way to God, a very rough one, and one that is still traveled today when trying to go against the current of the ways of this world.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is -- His good, pleasing and perfect will." - Romans 12:2

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  1. Hahaha! I think I know who was the person who signed you up pretty much by force for the Chorale! No idea you had written this down. Many blessings this summer!