Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break Already

In just a few more days, it will be officially Spring Break at my school.

This semester has been a tough one as always, but worth it.  I am enrolled in an all intensive Advanced Web Design class, which I have already created work that I am proud of.  My favorite class this semester (as usual) is the Studio course.  I am also taking Business of Photography, and I think I am learning a Lot I had never even thought about before.  It will be good for me learn.

This summer I have decided I want to stay here in Michigan and try to take a stab at possibly renting out one of the studio's myself and getting a better handle on lighting altogether.  It will be an amazing opportunity to have access to my own personal studio 24/7, not to mention being able to shoot in studio when clients ask.  My issue is finding the clients, how do you go about doing that as a starting photographer?  So many questions I hope to soon get answers for.  I wish every BFA program in all colleges will implement a Business course for their students, as well as a marketing and communications course for their major.  It would be so helpful to learn.

That is what internships and real world experience is for though, right?  That is something else I will hopefully be doing this summer.  I am praying that God leads me to the right photographer that I can intern under this summer, possibly one in Chicago.  But not only that, I need a source of income - a job, or jobs.  So I am really praying He can help me.  Whatever happens this summer, I pray that it will be for the better, and it will be experience gained (even if it is just learning how to find an apartment and pay bills).  An experience I have not yet had before.

Here is some of my work from this semester:

And lastly here is the parallax scrolling website I designed for my Web Design midterm.  There are still some flaws I did not get time to work out.  It is really meant for large viewing on big screens and fast internet access. But please do check it out!

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