Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer... in just a few weeks

Can you believe it?  We get out of school May 2nd!  I still need to find an apartment up here so I can stay in Michigan, and finalize a roommate situation, but that should happen by the end of next week.  I contacted a ton of great photographers in the Chicago area, and God has really opened some amazing doors for me this summer regarding internships.  Some of them look very promising, though I know I will need money for gas/food/rent if any of this is going to work.  I am praying that God will work out a way for me to get the money I need to survive this summer - my first summer ever on my own.  This is exciting!!  I am so blessed to have a God that loves me and helps me with everything.  I know He hears me.

I thought you guys might enjoy another video of my process on how I put together my most recent photograph.  Tim came up with the idea actually, I was the one who executed it.  It was a lot of work but it was fun:)

Final Shot:

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