Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Summer in Michigan

What an amazing summer! I personally am having a lot of fun, I can't really figure out why. Most of my friends have left to go back home for the summer, there isn't much to do in this tiny town of Berrien, and my boyfriend is always working and at school, but yet I am really enjoying my summer. I LOVE my apartment! And now He has basically handed me a new roommate for the school year that looks to be a perfect match! I get to see Tim every day (just a few buildings down from me) and we eat and cook together, read together, play games together, go out in nature together, watch epic documentaries together, and just simply hang out together a few hours a day. I am so glad I left all that I had at MICA to be here. Also, in a matter of ONE WEEK, I have been preparing some of the most delicious dishes that have been making people on instagram and facebook jealous after NEVER having a knowledge or a CLUE about the kitchen! Who would have known it would be fun and rewarding health wise?

My internships are going well. But I still question why one of them accepted me. When I go there, the knowledge they share with me is BEYOND over my head. It actually makes me really sad, because it is things my college does not even teach us. No one at my college knows the programs they know. Not even MICA taught the things they are doing in the creative field now. It is so eye opening, and terribly frightening to me, but it appears that photography is still needed as of now (even the demand is going down), and photoshop seems to be a necessary program when working in conjunction with these other fields like CGI, Nuke, After Effects, etc. I have so much to learn, its frightening, and I really WANT to learn it all, and I think I could do a great job at it (seeing as how I have a drawing and painting and sculpting background), but when will I have the time or resources to learn it all? Will God grant me with a job that will allow me to learn these awesome programs? I hate the feeling of desiring something so strongly, but feeling like it's too far to grasp. Who knows, I can only pray somehow I get the chance to learn them.

Jobs and the 'real world' is scary. If there is anything I learned this summer, it is that money is tight and jobs are very hard to come by when you are a college student. It is relatively easy to find jobs that have you doing labor that breaks your back (perhaps literally) for a crappy $8 an hour, but what is that? We need to start raising minimum wage and stop being taxed so heavily. Its a crime. I hope this whole expensive college degree is worth it in the end. I know it was for me experience wise.

BTW: Here is a little video Tim and I put together for one of the Sabbath Days here in Michigan. Listen to the words.

Last night was a long night. Amtrak is how I have been getting to Chicago and back for one of my internships...however it is pretty unreliable. The other week I got on the 1 hour late train, only to find out that they had a speed restriction of 15mph and were not letting anyone off of the train. We were suppose to arrive in Chicago at 8:45am, but instead arrived at 2:15pm!!!! I was furious!
Yesterday, as I was in line to board the 6:10 train, I was approached by the conductor who told me that there was a derailment on our track and that I was going to be escorted by bus to my destination. No one knew anything. The woman I waited in line with told me how she just got off of a train from Dallas Texas that had a 2 hour delay because they hit something on the tracks. As I waited for them to schedule a bus together for us, they told us it would be another half an hour, then another hour, so I decided to take measures into my own hands and I went home on the South Shore line and officially arrived home at 11:30pm. What a long day.
But as I sat on that train and listened to Lecrae and Trip Lee, I remembered all of the homeless people I walked past when I was rushing to get to the South Shore train in time. I didn't stop to smile, I didn't give them a penny. No one did. One of them was even a college student sitting on the ground looking pitiful. I should have asked what his story was. Instead, I have often trained myself to not have too much pity on strangers, otherwise I will feel incredibly guilty, responsible and feel the need to step out of my comfort zone. That is so hard for us to do. How can I help? What can I do to make any difference? I suppose words of encouragement is more important than money, or even a simple smile, or any source of interaction could do wonders for the soul that money could never do. If anyone knows how cold people are, it must be them. And there I was, worrying if I would have enough money to get home and buy myself some dinner, when they probably went without dinner for nights. Ughhh the sad reality. I guess we can't expect the world to change unless we change ourselves first.

Truth to think on.

Thank you God.

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