Friday, January 3, 2014


Winter Season, my least favorite season of the whole year. But one of the most beautiful I must say. Truly tests my strength to withstand the cold, especially in Michigan this last school year;)

I have not been able to show you anything I have been working on this previous semester. I have put much of my efforts and time into my Senior Thesis, which will be displayed in April of this new year! So until then, you guys will just have to wait to see what I am cooking, but I'll let you know, it smells good. I am excited.

As for this winter break, I couldn't just sit around and do nothing with my photography, so after being inspired by Ulric Collette, I photographed and morphed my immediate family members with each other to see the similarities/differences in genetics.

My Mother and I

My Sister and my Dad

My Sister and I

I now own a PET SNAKE! I am so interested in this creature, his name is Kenji. So I decided to do a fun little photoshoot of another snake, an albino corn snake, called Steve and see what we could get.

Meet Kenji

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR folks!
Be safe this 2014, don't die not knowing what you believe!

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  1. Nina
    I look forward to seeing your senior project. It is always a joy to watch you grow into such a creative, talented young woman.

    Ron (Nora's Dad)