Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Month of My Birthday

By the grace of God, I will soon make it to my 22nd birthday, March 30th...seriously.

This month has been accompanied by very worrisome heart issues. I have been experiencing tachycardia and bloating/burping/lightheadedness after meals, ever since I had a painful stomach virus come and go January 10th. It is terrifying to feel your heart irregularly thrust out of your chest and race like it forgot how to beat. It is equally very uncomfortable when you are not able to calm the anxiety and tightness in breathing that accompanies the 'episodes' has left me scared to eat or sleep:/

One thing I can say is that I have learned So much about the body from research to diagnose myself, learning from thousands of others who experienced the same symptoms with no explanation. I learned about the atrial and ventricle of the heart, the SV node, the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve, the stomach and hiatal hernias, low blood pressure, heart attacks, GERD, reflux, PVC's, MVP's, probiotics, digestive enzymes, magnesium, detox's, everything I would not have learned if this didn't happen.

But I am still here, still praying, still working hard. If I go, I go, I have done all that I could. For now I will continue to drink my chamomile tea that quiets my heart issues while doctors try to figure out the problem...

My heart aches more when I read about brain tumors in young boys, babies not breathing, children suffering from the bombings in Syria...I have it so good even with this health problem. We need to step up and do something to educate society, we can't just sit here and watch it happen any longer.

Please God, use me to make a difference in this world and strip me from the pride that accompanies a successful life.

I am working hard to graduate, finishing up my Senior Thesis shortly. I will have a release behind the scenes preview out in a week or so, so keep your eyes open.
I will leave you with a few fun photoshoots I did that was inspired by my boyfriend's genius idea. Hope you enjoy them:

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